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Don’t be this person.

Need help untangling a mess in QuickBooks?

Need someone to do your bookkeeping on a monthly basis?

I can help! With 19 years of experience doing bookkeeping for dozens of different industries, I can solve your bookkeeping challenges and leave you time to do your actual work.

Located in Vancouver, Washington, I can assist remotely via QuickBooks Online (or any other online bookkeeping service you are already be using) anywhere in the U.S.

Free initial consultation, please fill out the form below.

Please note: I do not do taxes or tax consulting. What I do will set you up for success in filing your taxes, but that tax preparer will not be me.

Industries I have experience with: Property management, non-profits, wellness, service (law, public relations, lobbying, massage, design, etc.), utility co-op, retail, finance, shipping, authors and more.

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